Are SEO Keywords Dead in 2017?

April 22, 2017Search Engine Optimization

If you are active in the online marketing community or with your businesses marketing strategy, you’ve asked yourself the question, are SEO keywords dead? Or should they still be included in my optimization strategy? The short answer, 100% yes. The technical answer, no. Let me explain. If someone needs to find something, they pop open Google … Read More

SEO Strategy: Where you need to be…

April 21, 2017Search Engine Optimization

Does this sound like your SEO strategy? You have a Yoast WordPress plugin, your business or brand has social profiles, and you’re listed in a large number of local directories like Yelp, Google, and Whitepages. 5 years ago this was probably enough. Now the internet is more competitive, marketers have figured out ways to promote less … Read More

Selecting an SEO Partner

April 18, 2017Search Engine Optimization

Selecting an SEO partner can be daunting for a businesses owner. There are so many things that need to be addressed, not to mention most owners aren’t equipped with the knowledge or tools to monitor performance. Another thing to consider is cost and return on investment. A good SEO partner will be able to lay … Read More