If you are active in the online marketing community or with your businesses marketing strategy, you’ve asked yourself the question, are SEO keywords dead? Or should they still be included in my optimization strategy?

The short answer, 100% yes. The technical answer, no. Let me explain.

If someone needs to find something, they pop open Google and search for what they need. If your search engine optimization is on point, you will be found for that keyword or phrase.

However, there are so many different factors that effect keywords this day in age. So many in fact the people have just abandoned SEO altogether.


The keyword has evolved ladies and gentleman

Meta keywords are dead. Google has come out openly and said that they no longer look at keywords. Here is Matt Cutts (then) with Google from their blog.

To this day, you still see courts mistakenly believe that meta tags occupy a pivotal role in search rankings. We wanted to debunk that misconception, at least as it regards to Google. Google uses over two hundred signals in our web search rankings, but the keywords meta tag is not currently one of them, and I don’t believe it will be.

Meta tags were used and abused and are no longer important. If your SEO partner is still using them, it’s time to find a new partner. This is too common.

So if people are using keywords to find you in search results, how do you implement them?

  • Page titles
  • URL’s or slugs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Anchor text and backlinks
  • Site Copy

Ideally, you want to have anchor text that matches the keywords on the pages you are trying to rank for. This is a winning formula for your search engine optimization strategy.


So are SEO keywords dead? Absolutely not.

A keyword strategy and understanding what your competitors are ranking for is so important when it comes to how you show up in search results. The last piece to that puzzle is great content.

Great content is what will separate you from your competitors. Authentic content focused around a keyword strategy is what will get your found.


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